Below is a list of services provided, however, the workflow and output can be tailored to your needs. Each project is priced individually and will usually be on a per-project basis, though we can work on an hourly-rate if this is more suitable for your needs.

Competitions, bids, and planning

Imagery is a crucial tool to enable judges, planners and the public to understand your scheme. Working from any starting point, images are created which embody your designs, bring your ideas to life and help you to tell your story.

Marketing material

Final production quality images to sell your designs to potential clients and to market your projects before final completion. We also create animations which can help to capture the minds of your audience and allow them to understand the full extent of your design.

Design development

Creating imagery for your project at an early stage can be a quick and efficient way to understand and visualise your design. We offer a quick turn around for testing form and materials to enable you to explore all aspects of your design.

VR and 360 panoramic tours

Interactive, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive ready applications which enable full exploration of a scheme in VR. The benefits come in the way of a platform which can be customised to contain the same levels of interactivity as a computer game and are entirely immersive. These applications require a high specification computer, and an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

We also offer 360 panoramic tours which enable exploration of a scheme from a series of fixed points. The advantage of this style of VR is that it can be used with relatively cheap hardware such as a smartphone and Google cardboard or a Gear VR, alternatively these presentations can be viewed on a computer screen. This enables full portability while still offering an immersive experience.