Each project is unique and the process will be tailored as such, however, the stages below outline a typical project workflow.


Once approached for a collaboration, a price plan and time-scale is agreed, based on the quantity and style of images, the amount of modelling work required and whether any extras, such as photography, are required.


Together we discuss the materiality, key concepts, camera angles, lighting and mood to determine a brief for the project.


All architectural modelling is completed (extra props and entourage could be added later) and is sent back in the form of clay render images for confirmation.

Camera&Lighting Options

Cameras and lighting are set up which will set the mood and composition of the image. A few options for each view are created and sent as clay render drafts.


Materials are applied to the scheme - entourage, props, trees and extras are added.

First Draft

A first draft is created which allows for another round of mark-ups and final details to be added.

Final Draft

A final draft of the image is created.

By following this process, everybody is kept in the loop and changes can be made along the way which ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.